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Our Commitment

Working today to change tomorrow.

What does what’s on your plate have to do with climate change? A lot! Fortunately, we make it easier on our diners through our sustainable practices such as managing our waste, sourcing from local farmers and suppliers, and supporting sustainable food practices.

Since the University launched its Climate Action Plan in 2007, Penn Dining has been a strong partner in achieving Penn's sustainability goals. We continue, with Bon Appetit, to be committed to supporting this plan by managing our food services in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. A sustainable future for foodservice means flavorful food that is:

  • Healthy & economically viable
  • Respectful of production practices
  • Community-focused
  • Consciously replenishing shared natural resources
  • Committed to reducing waste
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Campus-wide Initiatives

Results from behind the counter

Making sure we play our part in eating smart starts behind the counter—from ensuring our ingredients are sourced responsibly, to cooking from scratch and supporting local agriculture.  

How You Can help

Green2Go Program Info

For students living on campus, Penn Dining provided each student with a reusable utensil kit at the beginning of the academic year. We encourage the community to utilize these when grabbing a meal to-go.

As needed disposable utensils will be provided, but highly encourage students/faculty/staff to use the set of reusable cutlery for their room/office due to the sustainable nature of the program.

Yes, all Green2Go containers need to be returned/exchanged in rinsed condition.


  • No. All containers need to be rinsed after use, but in order to assure “healthy conditions”, freshly sanitized Green2Go containers will be provided for each visit.
  • Penn Dining will run all used containers through our industrial strength dishwasher at a temperature of 180 degrees. That’s 60 degrees hotter than your standard home dishwasher.
  • We take responsibility for cleaning all containers to ensure proper sanitization.

Anybody who chooses to eat at the participating locations may utilize the Green2Go Program.

All Green2Go containers must be turned in at the end of each semester so Penn Dining can evaluate the inventory.

Green2Go is Penn Dining's signature program to reduce disposable materials in our residential dining cafes. In practice since 2013, the program has prevented 171,000 clamshells from entering the waste stream annually. 

  • All students on a Dining Plan are automatically eligible.
  • Green2Go Containers are provided to all campus residents when they move in. 
  • Diners can use the containers at Hill College House, Lauder College House, Kings Court English, 1920 Commons, Gutmann College House.
  • After you enter the cafe, select your meal, fill your container and head on your way.
  • Once you have finished your meal, please RINSE the container, and return it to one of the drop-off at any of the participating locations.
  • Diners can use the containers at Hill College House, Lauder College House, Kings Court English, 1920 Commons, New College House West.
  • At this time, only Residential Dining is participating in the program.