Nutrition is a priority

You will find lots of nutrition information within our dining cafes and on our menu page. But, that is only one part of our robust Wellness Commitment. To successfully Eat Smart at Penn, we encourage you to explore the strategies provided below.

Connect Virtually

A wealth of online resources are available to you. Review the information in the Health and Wellness section of our website,  sign up for menu mail to plan your meals, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn about nutritional tips and events, and most importantly read our emails for our weekly calendar and important updates! We promise, we won't spam you!

Connect To All Our Cafes

Try out every café. Each of our cafés are different and have their own chef writing their own menus. Explore all our offerings so that you don’t miss something amazing. Check out our locations here.

  • Do a café lap to see what is available at all the different stations, then make your food decision. Know that you can also always go back for more.
  • Mix and match. You are welcome to get food from multiple stations from within a café. We design cohesive menus at each station, but that doesn’t mean you have to get every item we serve at the station. In fact, our chefs often think about how multiple stations can play well together.
  • Explore new options by asking for a sample. Feeling nervous about trying that new menu item? Ask our server if you can just have a small sample to see if you like it.

Connect To Our Staff

Feedback is a critical element of our program. We are always looking at the latest trends, trying to put ourselves in your shoes, but sometimes the greatest ideas come from the lived experience of one student.

  • Meet our people. Say “hello” to our Chefs and Managers. We know they always look busy, and they are, but the best part of their day is connecting with you – the students. Their goal is to help you, listen to your concerns, and ultimately enhance your experience at Penn.
  • Post a Comment Card. Each of our cafés have a comment board with cards. The Chefs and Managers of that café check these daily and will post back on the board with their response.

  • Submit a Tell Us What You Think which allows you to specify the location Or, for general inquiries or issues with a dining plan send an email to