Official Mobile App

As the official mobile ordering app for Penn Dining, Penn Eats is an important benefit of your dining plan and all students are encouraged to take advantage of the mobile ordering platform.

How to Download

Search “Transact Mobile Ordering” in the app store, and once downloaded you can select The University of Pennsylvania as your location. When creating an account, link it with your Dining Dollars for easy use. To make sure everything is linked properly, you must make sure you use the email address listed in your public profile in the Penn Directory.

Once you've downloaded and setup Penn Eats, you will be able to order ahead, pay ahead, and schedule your arrival time.

To assist with downloading Transact Mobile Ordering/Penn Eats to your iPhone, here is some information supplied by Apple.
If arriving from outside North America, you may need to change the home location of your Apple ID, or create a second US based ID. Click on the link below.

Apple Support

How to Use

To place your order, open the Penn Eats app, select a dining cafe, choose and customize your items, select your method of payment, and when your order is confirmed you will be given a pick-up time. Please proceed to the cafe at that time.

Important tips:

  • At our retail cafes, orders should be placed in advance. Houston Market, Starbucks, Accenture, Pret-a-Manger, and Joes take walk-in orders, though we strongly encourage ordering in advance to reduce lines and minimize your wait time.
  • Reservations must be placed using the App to dine at Quaker Kitchen in Gutmann College House West.
  • Reserving  and ordering kosher meals from Falk at Penn Hillel

    • Reservations for Friday Shabbat must be placed by Thursday at midnight.

    • Orders for Sabbath lunch on Saturday must be placed by Thursday midnight and are only available for pick-up during Friday Shabbat dinner.

For Reservations at Falk at Penn Hillel

If you need to make a reservation for holiday meals at Falk at Penn Hillel via Penn Eats, please follow these instructions.

  • Select "Shabbat" under Falk Cafe
  • Select a date and meal under "Rosh Hashanah Meal Reservations" 
  • Select "Add to Order"
  • Select "Checkout"