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Committed to Quality

Know that when you dine with us, you’ll have a quality experience from beginning to end. From making sure our ingredients are not only of the highest quality but locally and sustainably sourced, to understanding, we always Eat Smart.

Cooking from Scratch

We have no corporate recipes. We start with food in its simplest, most natural form. Our freezers are small, and our deliveries of fresh, seasonal produce and whole foods are big.

Well-Being Commitments

We take a macro view of wellness. Our menus are designed not just to optimize your health, but to help our communities and environment thrive, too.

Meeting Sustainability Standards

A handful of simple dietary choices and practices can have a big impact.

Responsible Food Waste Practices

Prioritizing waste reduction according to the EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy, to make landfills our last resort.

Eating Smart

Food For Your Well Being Events

Each month our dining cafes feature a nutrition and wellness education series from Bon Appétit Management Company that supports your well-being. Enjoy samples of healthy foods, ideas for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and helpful resources.