Love what is on our menu but don’t have time to sit and eat, you can get a meal to-go at our participating residential cafes. Green2Go containers, a reusable to-go box, are provided to all campus residents when they move in.  

After you enter the cafe, select your meal, fill your container, and head on your way. Once you have finished your meal, please RINSE the container, and return it to one of the drop-off at any of the participating locations.

The Perfect Treat to Gift or Eat

Birthday cakes will be available at Gourmet Grocer for one swipe. These tasty treats for two are a convenient way to celebrate any occasion.

Meal Exchange

Penn Dining’s meal exchange program allows you to use a swipe at our retail locations which generally take Dining Dollars. See details below

At Houston Market you can use a swipe for pre-specified meal bundles (entrée, side(s), drink).

At Joe's Cafe & Accenture you can use a swipe to get a Grab-n-Go Bundle including your choice of a sandwich or pasta meal, fruit, chips, and beverage. 

Gourmet Grocer and the retail section of McClelland Sushi & Market allows you to use your swipe at its rotating hot and cold bar for a salad, sandwich, or frozen item along with three well as to purchase frozen meal options.

At Café West you can use a swipe to get a Grab-n-Go bundle including your choice of entrée, two sides and a beverage.


We also offer unique ways to use your Dining Dollars. Try these options

The Farmer’s Market 

Mobile ordering through the Penn East app

Eat Smart

Eating Smart means making the most of your Dining Plan. From sweet treats to fancy eats, late night snacks and dining hall hacks. understanding what’s available will not only help you use your plan to the fullest but will ensure there is always something new and exciting for you to try.
Student at Joe's Cafe