Penn Dining is here for you - whether you are feeling fit or under the weather.  We want to make sure you always have access to the nutrition you need, without putting others, or yourself, at risk.  

Sick, Flu, and Injury Information

If you are sick or are injured, you should know that there are a variety of resources available to you.


Wellness at Penn




Wellness at Penn advises all students who feel sick and are seeking medical care, particularly as we return to campus from Spring Break travel, to call Student Health and Counseling at 215-746-3535 for information, support, to schedule an appointment, or to speak with an on-call provider. Those seeking counseling support should call 215-898-7021. Our Public Health and Wellbeing team remains actively engaged in disease surveillance and prevention on campus and in our surrounding Philadelphia communities, monitoring illnesses such as COVID-19, flu, and norovirus. Students who have a public health question or concern should call 215-898-0300.

You can also consult our communicable disease page for information on specific diseases and their symptoms.

Penn Dining’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Our partner, Bon Appétit, has two Registered Dietitian Nutritionists on their Wellness Team who can assist students who have health questions related to eating in our dining facilities. The Wellness Team can work with you to address your specific questions or concerns.

Penn Accessible Transit

If you are injured and need assistance getting to a dining café, Penn Accessible Transit can assist. Penn Accessible Transit (PAT) is a service of Penn Transit, which provides transportation to from and around campus (within service boundaries) for persons with disabilities. To obtain pre-approval to use PAT, contact the Office of Student Disabilities Services. To learn more, visit the Penn Accessible Transit FAQ page.

Students Who Need Isolation Meals as you are isolating in your College House, this also applies to Students Who Are Sick:


How to order your meal


Food may be ordered from 1920 Commons, Hill House, Falk, and English House (Note: English House and Falk orders can only be accepted Monday-Friday). For Kosher and Halal meals over the weekend see below. 

  1. Review the menus of the day at the location where you want to place your order.
  2. Email the location (emails listed below) with your requested meal choices and all the listed important information.

Meals must be ordered during normal operating hours. Please do not place an order in the last hour of service and you must place your order at least 1 hour before pick-up.

You may order up to two meals at a time, however, both meals must correspond to a single meal period (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). For example, if you order two meals to be picked up at noon - you will only be able to choose from the lunch menu.

Halal and Kosher Needs: If you need Halal items or Kosher items over the weekend, please indicate those needs in advance and we will provide extra meals leading into the weekend. For example, if you would like extra Kosher meals for the weekend with your meal on Thursday, please let us know in your email on Thursday and we will accommodate.

Important information to include in your email: 
  • Your name
  • Your Penn ID number
  • Your phone number
  • Time of your pick-up
  • The name of the person picking up the meal for you 
  • Any special dietary needs



Academic Year Locations and Emails:


To pick up meals:
  • If you are picking up your meals yourself, you must wear a mask and may go to one of the cafes above to pick-up meals. Upon arrival, your meal will be at or near the cashier station. Students who are Covid positive may NOT access the dining area beyond the cashier station.  
  • You may also have a friend pick up your meal for you. They will need to bring your PennCard to receive the meal and tell the cashier that they are picking up a meal(s) that was pre-ordered.

Updated as of April 2022

During COVID-19 it is important that students on a dining plan understand how to access their meals when they are Sick or in Isolation.

Sick: You do not have COVID but you have the stomach flu, or you have an illness that incapacitates you so that you cannot leave your room to visit a dining cafe.

Isolation: You have been instructed by Wellness at Penn and you are isolating in place in your College House.