During COVID-19 it is important that students on a dining plan understand how to access their meals when they are Sick or in Isolation.

Sick: You do not have COVID but you have the stomach flu, or you have an illness that incapacitates you so that you cannot leave your room to visit a dining cafe.

Isolation: You have been instructed by Wellness at Penn and you are being moved to Sansom Place East.

Students Who Are Sick:

You can request meals ahead of time and have a friend  pick-up them at 1920 Commons, Hill House and Falk

First review the menus of the day.

After reviewing the menu and choosing a location, email the location (below) with your requested meal choice. Meals must be ordered during normal operating hours. Please do not place an order in the last hour of service.

IMPORTANT: All emails must include your name, Penn ID number, phone number,  the name of the person picking up the meal for you and the time of your pick-up.  Plus you must place your order at least 1 hour before pick-up. If you have a special dietary need, please indicate that as well in your email.

You may pick-up up to two meals at a time, however both meals must correspond to a single meal period (breakfast, lunch or dinner). For example, if you order two meals to be picked up at noon - you will only be able to choose from the lunch menu.

1920 Commons -  1920sickmeal.upenn@cafebonappetit.com

Hill House -   hillhousesickmeal.upenn@cafebonappetit.com

Kosher Dining at Falk -  falksickmeal.upenn@cafebonappetit.com

Please have your friend tell the cashier that they are picking up a meal(s) that was pre-ordered.

GI Symptoms

For students with GI symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach), adequate hydration is the main objective.

The following menu will provide adequate fluids along with 1500 calories per day and can be followed up to three days. Students with symptoms lasting longer than three days should consult their physician before continuing for a longer period of time. You can follow the process listed above to order your GI Symptoms meal.

Daily Recommended Menu (Suggested)

24 oz. Powerade

24 oz. Gingerale

24 oz. Chicken Noodle or Vegetable soup

Saltine Crackers

Two Bananas

Two packets of Oatmeal

Two hot tea bags

Students Who Need Isolation Meals (for delivery to Sansom Place East)

Students in isolation are NOT permitted to leave Sansom Place Eastto pick-up meals. Upon arrival you will be given a bag of food to sustain you for 24 hours. You will also be given information on how to order food from the Penn Eats app to be delivered to the lobby. The app will inform you when your food has arrived. If you have special dietary needs, contact our campus registered dietitian nutritionist Daniel Connolly, RDN. at daniel.connolly@cafebonappetit.com [Here are the instructions that will be given to students in isolation]

  1. Order your meals through the Penn Eat app
  2. Go to the SIQ option on the app
  3. Choose from the menu options. The meals will be prepared at Hill house, you can review the menu online, but we do not offer all items on the menu if you use this option.
  4. You must place your order by 11:59 pm the day before. Your meals will be delivered between 11 am and 1 pm. You may order two meals at a time.

Student selecting food