Our partner, Bon Appetit has a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist on staff. Daniel Connolly, RDN is available to speak with students who have general nutrition questions as well as those who have special dietary needs. 

“My interest in food began as a high school student-athlete trying to improve my performance, but my passion for food began the day I found Bon Appétit. I had the amazing opportunity to begin working on various nutrition projects for Bon Appétit in 2011. It only took me a few days to realize Bon Appétit and I were a perfect match regarding our cooking and sourcing philosophies. Now I continue to help Bon Appétit develop and improve our wellness programs as well as help to ensure all of the students at the University of Pennsylvania have the food options they need and want.”

Meet with our dietitian

Students are encouraged to meet with Dan regarding any questions they may have about their dietary needs.

Dietitian Contact