Falk at Penn Hillel

215 S 39th Street

All-you-care-to-eat, Kosher options, Green2Go, Made-to-order options

Located at Penn Hillel, serving a fully Glatt kosher menu.

Currently Closed
Takeout Available

Home at Hillel

All food is prepared Glatt kosher and under the supervision of the Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia. We welcome Penn students as well as members of the surrounding community to enjoy the amazing cuisine and sense of community that you will experience when you dine at Falk Dining Cafe.
  • Kosher Dining
  • Shabbat Dinners and Cholent Lunches
  • Holiday Observances
  • Meals To-go
  • Salad Bar
  • Comfort Foods
  • Made Without Gluten Options
  • Vegetarian and Vegan friendly
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Community-Centric Dining

Across from Hamilton Field inside Steinhardt Hall, under the banner of Hillel, there are over 40 different student communities and initiatives that create over 300 events per month. Falk at Penn Hillel is the center of Jewish life on campus.

Meet the Team for Falk at Penn Hillel

Each location has a dedicated team of staff members and chefs, working together daily to ensure high-quality, fresh meals, and a friendly environment to enjoy.